I Raped Him, I Killed Him, then I Threw Him in a Well

Rabat, Morocco, January 2016

The case of a 6-year-old boy who passed away recently in the vicinity of Casablanca after experiencing the most horrible death scenario a little kid could imagine, in the hands of his vile cousin, triggers yet again the alarm bell vis-à-vis this rampant scourge.

The story received a considerable amount of attention in Morocco as the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie took last weekend the criminal for the crime scenario re-enactment.

The criminal acknowledged the crime. He initially enticed his victim by offering him a bike ride, seizing the occasion to take his little cousin to a remote place, far away from the sights of any human.

He initially raped him, as the images of the crime re-enactment show, before smashing his head twice with a big rock, to then throw him in an adjacent well.

The case was triggered following a local discovering the body of the little boy in said well.

It did not take the authorities more than 36 hours to unveil the perpetrator.